Prep Table Repair And Service

Does your restaurant serve salads and sandwiches? Your customers will return if you can provide them with outstanding service. More importantly, you have to provide the most delicious meals possible. Otherwise, your customers will find someone who can serve them better. Suffice to say, your customers want their cold dishes to be cold. As for their hot dishes, they expect them to be hot. Therefore, you need to make sure that your equipment is working correctly. If you’re serving salads and sandwiches, you are likely going to use a prep table.

Although this equipment can be very beneficial, you must remember that it can malfunction at some point. Business owners must be ready for anything. You must fix this problem before it begins hurting your customers. Your employees are going to use the prep tables to efficiently prepare sandwiches and salads for your guests. These tables usually have plenty of space for your ingredients. You’ll also have plenty of room to prepare the dish in question.

In some cases, the business will place cooling cabinets under the table. Doing so is a good way to keep more ingredients fresh. When the ingredients are depleted, you can grab them from the cabinet quickly. Everything you need will remain within arm’s reach so you can be more productive. The cabinets are refrigerated so they’re going to help keep your foods fresh while reducing the likelihood of bacterial growth. The only issue is that your equipment may malfunction.

If this happens, you must resolve the problem swiftly. We’re here to help you. We can resolve all issues associated with sandwich prep tables. In addition to this, we provide our clients with cost-effective maintenance services. By properly maintaining your prep tables and refrigerated cabinets, you can avoid costly mistakes. Let us help you. We can visit your business to maintain your equipment weekly, monthly, or annually. Call to schedule an appointment.

Issues With Prep Tables

You may experience a wealth of problems linked to your prep tables. While it may seem like a minor problem, it could quickly worsen. Therefore, you cannot ignore this issue. It will impact your workers and guests. Suffice to say, you should attempt to rectify this problem swiftly. We’re here to help with problems like this. We can resolve the following problems and more.

  • Your compressor has stopped working
  • The cabinet isn’t maintaining the optimum temperature
  • You’ve found condensation in the box
  • The coil has developed an icy buildup
  • The doors aren’t shutting
  • Your products are freezing

If you have any other Commercial Refrigeration issues please check out other services.

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