Ins And Outs Of Walk-In Cooler Door Gaskets

You’ll find that your walk-in freezer has numerous components. If your business depends on this equipment, you should learn a lot more about the gaskets. It is a crucial part of the equipment so you cannot ignore it. If something goes wrong with the walk-in cooler gaskets, air will likely flow in and out of the cooler. As a result, the equipment will not be energy efficient. It’ll be harder to keep the items inside cool and fresh. You will need to replace the gaskets to ensure that your cooler is going to work at the maximum level. A1 Dallas Commercial Refrigeration Repair Faulty gaskets could easily cost you thousands of dollars over a period. You’ll notice that your electric bill is climbing progressively higher. To avoid this issue, it is wise to keep an eye on your gaskets. Inspect them regularly to ensure that they’re still in excellent condition. Faulty gaskets will require your equipment to work harder. Therefore, there will be a higher risk that something is going to break.

Gasket Types

Consumers should know that there are several types of gaskets for commercial coolers. The two main types are the wiper gaskets and magnetic gaskets. Magnetic gaskets are responsible for sealing the door when you walk in or out. It is found on the main door. It is common for magnetic gaskets to be thicker than others. They’re also created using flexible materials such as PVC. As for wiper gaskets, they are on the frame and door. They aren’t as thick. Wiper gaskets prevent air from entering your walk-in cooler. They’re usually made of vinyl. These gaskets are sometimes called wiper strips.

Proper Gasket Maintenance

Ensure that your gaskets are in good condition by checking them regularly. Make sure the gasket doesn’t have any tears or rips. If you find any small tears, you can fix them for the time being using petroleum jelly. Use it to repair the problem until the gasket can be properly replaced by a professional. You should also clean the gaskets. Doing so is easy. You just need to use soap and water to get rid of any debris and residue. Finally, check out for condensation and icing. If you find either, your cooler might have a small gasket problem.

Replacing Your Gaskets

At some point, you will likely need to replace your gaskets. It is pertinent to do so promptly to avoid overspending on energy for your business. Before you can replace your gaskets, you’ll have to find suitable replacements. Make sure that you get the right make and model. Once you’ve done that, you can install the gasket carefully. It might be a good idea to hire a professional. They will make the job much easier. With help from a professional, you can easily find the appropriate replacement gasket and get it installed right away. Don’t ignore your gaskets because doing so could cost you a lot of money in the long run. Care for your gaskets properly to ensure that they’re going to last for as long as possible.

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