Warning Signs: Common Indications Your Walk-In May Need Repair

Restaurants, grocery stores, and food processors know the importance of a walk-in refrigerator and walk-in freezer. These appliances are utilized for perishable food storage. Freezers are utilized for meat and other food products that must be kept in storage. Refrigerators are utilized for all other perishables, such as sauces, jams, lunch meats, vegetables, fruits, milk, and eggs. A1 Dallas Commercial Refrigeration Repair Since commercial establishments are required to follow strict food storage and preparation guidelines. The refrigerated temperature should be between 35 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature for a walk-in freezer is between zero and 10 degrees Fahrenheit. When a refrigerator or freezer goes down, there is little time to waste for businesses. To avoid interference with the operational process, a malfunctioning appliance must be repaired immediately. A Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning “HVAC” technician is needed to access, diagnose, and repair the issue.

Signs That Point To A Malfunctioning Walk-In Freezer

Fluctuating temperatures are one sign of a problem that needs addressed sooner than later. When the temperature fluctuates, it is obviously a problem exists. The problem could be a damaged door gasket, hinge, compressor, low refrigerant, or condenser coils.

Frost Buildup

Frost buildup is another potential sign of a problem. The frost may be a humidity or seal issue. If the gasket around the door is cracked, broken, or missing, the interior temperature will not meet the maximum requirement.

Strange Odors

A burnt odor is probably overheating. The compressor, an electrical wire, heating exchange, or condenser may be the issue. A burning odor could be a major problem but also a fire hazard. A stale odor is another sign of a problem. In this case, the stale odor is probably a coolant leak. The temperature may be fluctuating or not maintain the preset temperature.

Leaky Water Hoses

Puddles of water underneath the refrigerator, in the bottom compartment, and around the drain pain. A skilled HVAC technician can easily diagnose the problem after a brief inspection. Water leaks could be related to a blocked defrost drain, broken ice water, clogged water filter, or cracked drain pain.

When To Hire A HVAC Expert To Repair A Malfunctioning Walk-In Refrigerator

Any sign of an issue warrants a call to the HVAC repair service. Since your business depends on refrigerated and frozen food, the refrigerator and freezer must be operating properly at all times. The slightest temperature fluctuation could result in food spoilage.

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