Reach-In Coolers

Your business may use reach-in coolers to keep food items fresh and serve your customers. If something goes wrong with your cooler, contact our office immediately. We can troubleshoot and resolve any problem with your reach-in cooler.

Commercial Reach-In Coolers

Many businesses use reach-in coolers to keep their food items cold. Whether you’re running a grocery store, convenience store, or restaurant, you’ll likely use these appliances to keep food fresh. In addition to this, they can be used by hospitals, schools, and more. The cooler will maintain cool temperatures to ensure that the foods inside do not spoil. Reach-in coolers are good for certain circumstances. Your business depends on these coolers because your food would spoil otherwise.

Reach-in coolers tend to take up less space than walk-in coolers making them a good choice for smaller establishments. You’ll also appreciate that they can be placed in more locations such as break rooms. Regardless, we’re here to help your business meet its needs. We offer installation services for reach-in coolers. We can also maintain your system regularly. Doing so is wise because it’ll help ensure that your coolers are working properly throughout the year. Proper maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs in the months ahead. We’re available around the clock so don’t hesitate to call us.

There Are Numerous Styles Of Reach-In Coolers

Once you’ve decided that your business needs a reach-in cooler, you need to pick the right one. We can help you decide which cooler is right for your business. Start by reaching the information below to find out which options are available to you.

  • First, you may want a display refrigerator or cooler. You’ll find that this is a good option for many. A display cooler will show off your delicious creations. It is a good choice for bakeries and restaurants.
  • A merchandising refrigerator is another good option. It is best for serving snacks and drinks that can be consumed instantly.
  • You can also pick a glass door fridge. Since it features a glass door, your workers can find what they need quickly. It is a good option for restaurants and convenience stores.
  • If you want something smaller, pick a half-door fridge. It will have a smaller door making it even easier to get what you need.

Comparing Reach-In Coolers And Walk-In Coolers

When picking a cooler for your business, you have to decide whether you need a reach-in cooler or a walk-in cooler. While both will keep your items cool, there are several key differences. Which style is right for your business? Truthfully, it depends on several factors including how much food you’re going to store. Typically, walk-in coolers are needed when your business must store a lot of food products. The walk-in cooler will give you a lot more space for your items. Plus, you’ll be able to walk through the cooler without tripping.

Just remember that a walk-in cooler will use more energy and consume more space. If you’re running a small restaurant or convenience store, you should choose a reach-in cooler. A reach-in cooler consumes less space and can help you save money. It is a good option for many businesses. The only downside is that reach-in coolers don’t last as long as walk-in coolers. They’ll also provide limited storage so it might not be enough for your business.

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